Hurricane Florence

Friday 11:51 am:

We’ve been watching the weather all week, like everyone in the Carolinas. Knowing the storm was churning, some hundreds of miles out to sea, moving toward us slower than a walk, yet Florence is made up of 150 mile an hour winds.

We’ve been doing flood prep here in Western North Carolina. Stocking the pantry, filling water jugs, tying down the yard. Shawn wired the generator to power the chest freezer, in case we’re without power for an extended period of time – and considering Duke energy has already warned that 75% of NC customers will be without power, a short outage is basically guaranteed, and longer time without electricity highly likely. (Which, in itself is painfully ironic, since this huge area around Lake James is hydroelectric, powered by the dam on the man-made lake – water makes our power, and now the water may take it away.)

There’s only so much we can do. Prepare to be without power for a few days, maybe more if things go terribly wrong. We can assume that all the rivers around us will flood, so our mindset is to be ready to be on a temporary island. Already Steele Creek was licking its banks yesterday from a heavy storm the night before. The ground is pretty saturated from the heavy rains we’ve had fairly consistently this summer. The owners of the campgrounds around us have been pulling all the RVs out of their nearly-permenant spots on the banks of the river surrounded on almost all sides by steep mountain ridges. It’s fair to worry that if they stay at the bottom of the valley next to the river, they won’t be there next week. There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of campers and vehicles in a 5 mile radius, with owners all over the east coast and beyond.

It’s all surreal still. I’ll add to this post as the weekend carries on with updates on our home and surrounding areas. Stay safe out there.

Saturday 12:25pm:

The rain finally started. It’s been windy on and off, and cloudy all day. The air has had the definite feel of…. “hurricaney.”

Light rain so far. Ho hum. Tut Tut Tut. 🌀

Sunday 8:15am:

The rains are here. It’s not “hurricane” rain though. The wind hasn’t blown like we’re expecting, but the yard is covered in leaves and there are small gusts here and there. The water in the rivers will be our biggest challenge. The rain is all going the same place, we’ve just got to sit still and let it wash over us.

It’s very dark.


Drove down to the campground to check the creek and it’s about a foot up from yesterday afternoon. Rising steadily and the water is pushing much harder today. Still in its banks. Haven’t checked Steele Creek yet. Special Response vehicle just went down to the campground, presumably to check the water level. (Gonna take a sec to add that I said they would move the rvs out, well they moved 2 away from the river, and Steele Creek moved a dozen or so into the field a few yards away from where they were. They may be safe, given Florence’s new course and how high up we are in the mountain.)

It’s still raining.

2:30pm – still raining

6:52pm – it stopped raini…no its raining again. Creek’s up further.

8:40 pm – still raining


It rained today less. It did get sunny, but then it rained while the sun was shining. We got lucky, so many in North Carolina got absolutely hammered by this storm. We were over-prepared, always the better way to go. Ah well, see you next week.

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