Morganton Historic Festival 2018 – photo gallery

Morganton Historic Festival 2018

Balloon animals aplenty

Pineapple is perfect for a hot day, how about a whole pineapple for a cup?

A vendor gets some rest during the Friday prep time- “Calm Before the Storm”

Kicks 103.3 mascot – holy COW what a hero. Can’t imagine how hot that costume is!

Solar-power racecar has traveled thousands of miles in races! 828 represent!


Sycamore Bones playing at the Indie Stage Friday

The Falcon’s refreshment booth, before the crowd gathered

Visitors to the fest ranged from tourists to Morganton natives and local personalities

Public Safety officers on patrol

Birds resting on the water tower. Weather was hot but beautiful nonetheless

Bucket of smoothie is perfect to cool down

Musician playing in Brown Mountain Bottleworks during the festival

Friday night the staff of local businesses were running at full energy to handle the crowd and prepare for the Bobbie Snakes pop-up show behind Homer’s

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